S = Small for face and wrinkles

M = Medium for face, neck, hands

L = Large for large body areas

XL = for very large body areas

S or M (Small or Medium handpieces) for Face, Neck and Wrinkles areas

L or XL (Large or Extra-Large handpieces) for Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs, Upper Arms and Legs


• All handpieces are Multi-Polar

• Extra safety software and hardware "Intelligent Connect" feature prevents user from using inappropriate handpiece in body or face areas.

KTMD Handpieces 3



Carismed front-panel for aesthetic, professional look

Silent, built for high-mobility office environment

Customized for high-tech sensitive medical devices

Ergonomically suited for comfortable handling of the Kontur MD device and accessories, and easy reading of the screen menus

Specialized holders for handpieces, cables and accessories; neatly and well organized for easy and safe treatment handling

Large rubber rollers (for mobile silent ride); Rear extended rollers for higher degree of stability

• 2 years warranty
• Made in Germany
• Dimensions: 792 x 483 x 340 mM
• Weight: 24 kg


Thermometer for frequent measurement of the skin temperature

  • infra-red
  • highly sensitive
  • compact
  • non-contact,
  • made in Germany

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