The Kontur MD device is also used for improving the look of aging, improving sagging skin laxity (as a result of weight loss, multiple pregnancies or simply aging) and improvement of cellulite.

  • The Multi Polar RF with DVTP (Deep Volumetric Thermal Profile), combined with the unique CMF functionality (using specific cycling multi frequencies), brings the bulk of the energy to being absorbed deeper down to the subcutaneous adipose tissue and the fatty layers, apparently shrinking them, increasing the body natural metabolism of “burning” out fat without causing injury or pain to the outer layers of the skin.
  • The fatty or adipose tissue, laying underneath the Dermal layers, have a much higher impedance coefficient (the resistance of a component at a given frequency) to the Cycling Radio Frequency electrical current, causing their cells to heat up more rapidly and to higher temperatures than the overlaying dermal layers (52°C to 62°C instead of 40°C-42°C).
  • Using the system’s innovative and complex algorithm matrices it directs the beneficial heat effect from the RF energy deep down at the fatty layers, extremely safely and controllably (keeping the upper skin temperatures under 42°C).


THE CARISMED KONTUR MD MultiPolar RF with DVTP – QUOTE ON USE ON BODY (Thighs, Buttocks, and Upper Arms) from Dr. Peter M. Prendergast MB MRCSI President, European College of Aesthetic Medicine

“My patients easily tolerate the Kontur MD procedure, with most reporting a pleasant experience similar to a hot stone massage. For cellulite and circumferential reduction applications, the large Kontur MD handpiece heats tissues efficiently, reaching target surface temperatures within a few minutes. Typically, patients report improvement after 2-3 treatments, although optimal results are achieved after 5-6 treatments”

Dr. Peter M. Prendergast MB MRCSI




  • The new KONTUR MD Multi Polar RF device produces almost instant noticeable tightening and contouring effects from the first treatment, and long term lasting anti-aging skin laxity improvement after 6-8 treatments.
  • The absorption of the RF energy, non-invasively, causes the deeper dermal and subdermal tissues to heat up, producing a localized and controlled heat injury as well aslong-term structural molecular changes.
  • The Kontur MD device used on the face area is primarily improving the look of sagging, crepe-like skin, droopy skin of the eyelids or jowls.
  • The RF MultiPolar Kontur MD thermal energy, reaching the right temperature and depth, while focused by the unique TOP functionality, apparently causes collagen to contract leading to an almost immediate effect of skin tightening.
  • The subsequent healing of the microscopic dermal and subdermal lesions causes further skin tightening, reducing the depth of wrinkles and overall improving the appearance of the skin texture.
  • It might stimulate Collagen and Elastin formation, diminishing fine lines and firming the skin.
  • The ultimate goal, post procedure, is to maintain and improve the overall structural integrity of the connective tissues by possibly stimulating fibroblasts generation (allegedly promoting further collagen and elastin production).
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