Carismed™ launches worldwide most sophisticated Multi Polar Radio Frequency device with novel DVTP (Deep Volumetric Thermal Profile), 3 FREQUENCIES + UNIQUE STIMULATING WAVING FREQUENCY + TUNABLE POLARITIES for SKIN TIGHTENING AND BODY CONTOURING – the KONTUR MD©. Welcome to our site WWW.CARISMED.COM. notable features about the KONTUR MD: The price of KONTUR MD (both models) is less than any comparable system; KTMD is made in Germany by TUR exclusively for Carismed. You\’ll offer: The Best German manufactured unit at the Best Price, with the Best service (backed up by ours); 2 years warranty with Expert Mode; Medical CE Mark.; LATEST, MOST INNOVATIVE, BEST CONTROLLED and SAFEST MultiPolar technology (tri and six – polar); UNIQUE: 4 different handpieces with each system (Expert Mode) – 2 for BODY, and 2 for Face, neck and a unique one for peri-orbital WRINKLES!; UNIQUE: 3 frequencies to control depth of treatment + unique WAVING frequencies (automatic change for muscle stimulation and massaging effect); UNIQUE: Only system in the world with a changing polarities interval (better control over thermal penetration and depth of tissues – skin tightening AND body contouring, cellulite!!); Smartest, most sophisticated software and menus (a smart Windows based laptop basically managing the system); Huge color touch screen with graphics and videos; FREE of charge software upgrades for 2 years, which are easily accomplished through USB drive or internet; System maintenance through internet or USB drive; FULL 1,000,000 records LIBRARY (training videos, animations, graphics and texts – like User Guide, training brochures, etc..); FULL 1,000,000 records capacity PATIENT DATABASE + FAVORITES (to keep preferred settings); Medical Grade Trolley free of charge with EXPERT MODE; Menus in 8 languages


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