Cellulite is noticeable in 80-90% of post pubertal females and is rarely seen in men. Cellulite is evident by skin dimpling and nodularity which is mostly noticeable in women’s thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms. For generations women world wide have attempted numerous modalities to improve their body tone and reduce cellulite. Aggressive and excessive dieting as well as hormonal components have all been implicated in the acceleration of cellulitic changes in women of all ages. This problem is also accelerated with aging and poor exercise.



The causes of cellulite are numerous and are the result of micro herniation of sub cutaneous fat cells within “rigid” fibrous skin connective tissue. This process is also associated with a deficient local micro circulatory system. Numerous therapies for treatment of cellulite such as diet, exercise, reduction of stress, massage therapy and even creams have all been tried with some degree of improvement. Surgical techniques such as liposuction and excisional procedures are currently the mainstay for the removal of excess body fat to reshape and contour the body. These techniques are effective and popular, however, they are invasive. They usually require some form of anesthesia and are performed in an operating suite under sterile conditions. Surgical incisions are performed to either remove and /or suction the excess fat. A lengthy post operative recovery is required, they are usually costly, certain complications are well known, and recurrences of cellulite have been noted. In the last decade non invasive techniques for anti aging and body contouring have been popularized both in the United States and around the world. For the last twenty five years external shockwave therapy has been used in urology for lithotripsy of stones as well as in the fields of orthopedic and cardiology.



Acoustic wave therapy appears to have significant promise for a whole gamut of applications in dermatology, cosmetic and anti aging therapy. It is a new, non invasive modality which has exciting potentials both for the treatment of cellulite as well as improving dermal connective tissue and local micro circulation.

Acoustic shockwaves produce a very strong energy pulse for a very short length of time ( generally a few milliseconds). The energy pulse is so intense it creates a shockwave which can be compared to a thunder following lightening during a thunderstorm.




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1. Major improvement of the look and feel of cellulite
2. Tightening of the connective tissues
3. Improvement of skin texture, better elasticity
4. Reduction and improvement in the look of Striae (stretch marks)
5. Before and after Liposuction and procedures alike VASER lipoplasty


1. Buttocks
2. Upper Legs and arms
3. Love handles
4. Abdomen
5. Thighs


Treatments are performed bi-weekly for the first three weeks and repeated later as needed (usually 8-10 therapeutic sessions in one program).
Results are typically delayed, reaching optimal results within a few short months post treatment. Treatments are performed with minimal to no discomfort with each session lasting an average of 30 minutes or less.
Regular activity may be resumed immediately after treatment. A proper diet and exercise program is encouraged at all times.
To date, no complications using proper delivery of this technique have been described in the literature, nor has any risk for carcinogenicity been noted over the last quarter century.

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