“using the LipoLys Expert Menus, always reminds of when I started using my IPad II, after having struggled for so long with my old basic Windows PC at home. I am now in control of every parameter and every aspect of the treatment. The machine will execute repeatedly anything, exactly in the pattern I wanted it, flawlessly, and so easily set. It feels sometime like conducting an orchestra, the LIPOLYS being my instrument: every parameter on the shockwave following a cyclic pattern – for example: I may wish to start each pattern with a slower frequency, later getting quicker (or vice-versa) as I move along, and concurrently I may even choose to start with a stronger series of shocks, gradually getting softer – all at the same rhythm as I will set my own movements of the handpiece on the patient’s body! I also quickly can choose for how long each of the cycles will last, for each area of the body, based on my expertise of what is required for this body type, the area and the aesthetic indication in this case. Using the touch screen buttons, it takes only a few seconds to choose the CYCLE TIME (or NUMBER OF SHOCKS), and one of the PATTERNS for that cycle, easy to choose patterns like the SINE (sinusoidal shape), or the SQUARE_WAVE shape, or else – in which shape of either chosen pattern the FREQUENCY and POWER parameters will change along. Last, I choose the treatment parameters themselves: – the POWER (how hard the shock will hit at the start each cycle, and if it changes gradually as I move along) and the FREQUENCY (how fast or slower would the shock hit, also potentially gradually changing during that cycle). Overall, when I treat, it feels like the settings are keeping the tempo for me, each cycle repeating as set and as expected, until the first phase of the treatment ends, and then the second phase of the session would start and end. It’s almost fun to fine-tune a medical device to work so harmoniously with my own movements and following so exactly every pattern of power, frequency and time (or number of shocks) as I had originally programmed. All in all, the clinical outcomes from LipoLys have been getting better and better as I move along, with each patient, and how quickly I learn how to fine-tune the system. No other shockwave, I am now aware of, can do this, giving me the feeling of personallyconducting the greatest opera on each and every patient again.”


“the killer app?

I had only 2 KONTUR MD treatments myself initially and can certainly see a difference! I would never have needles stuck in me or laser performed on my face. The KONTUR MD MultiPolar RF device from CARISMED in Germany, which we just started to use, is a very safe, pleasant treatment with reasonable, immediate results at a reasonable price for the client and no consumable costs for the doctor. Name me one other treatment that does that! Plus your nurse/receptionist can do it for you. You get an initial heat sensation followed by a friming, tightening and tingling feeling for the next day or two. The initial effect wears off and then you get a more lasting effect after 8 weeks or so. Throw in a 2 minute peel afterwards and the girls are very happy. Even if the outcome is harder to quantify for the clinician (and perhaps more subjective or less obvious to explain to the client), compared to simply using Botox, fillers or Vaser – we found that offering a new, more comprehensive menu of choices which combines the KONTUR MD RF procedure + Botox and fillers has picked a lot of interest with our patients, made our clinic more cutting-edge and innovative, and it has tremendously improved the immediate visible outcomes. Altogether, this certainly has also helped improving our revenues per visit / patient as well. At our clinic in Heathrow Airport, where we service a large number of flight attendants, we’ve started offering 10 min ‘taster’ sessions for £40 on the jowls/jawline. This saves much explaining about the technology and tissue reaction. They usually book in for a series of treatments after that.
What we call now: “the killer app!”

Dr Colin Lyons, MRCGP, DRCOG, Dipl Anaes, Dipl Ther, Dipl Derm MSc.



I used the Carismed (Karlsruhe, Germany) Kontur MD MultiPolar RF device over the last number of months for deep dermal heating to promote neocollagenesis and ultimately tighten skin. We treated over 21 patients, 4-6 times each, at 1 week intervals.

The medium handpiece was used primarily in automatic mode at 1MHz to target the most superficial tissues. To target the deeper tissues (ie. Subcutaneous fat) for body contouring and cellulite reduction, the 0.75MHz and 0.5MHz frequencies would seem to be more appropriate. In addition, the large handpiece is preferred for deeper heating since the greater distance between poles sends the electric current deeper into the tissues.

The treatments were extremely well tolerated by all patients, and experienced as an increasing warmth over the treated areas. As the treatment progressed, skin temperature was monitored using an infrared hand-held thermometer. The target skin temperature was 40-42 degrees celsius. A thin layer of glycerin 75-100% was applied to cleansed skin before the treatment commenced.

Treatments were performed in automatic mode, 1Hz frequency, at 70-100% intensity. Treatment times were approximately 12-15 minutes for one side of the face and neck. After the treatment, the patients’ skin was warm and erythematous. Some immediate skin contraction and oedema produced a transient improvement in rhytids. After 4-6 treatments, almost all patients showed a definite improvement in skin roughness as measured on a three-dimensional skin imaging device (Antera 3D, Miravex, Dublin). All analytic measurements are real improvements after the final 6th treatment, and not just an immediate effect of the generated heat.
In average, the analyses show approximately 20-30% improvement in skin roughness after 6 treatments.

For body applications, the large handpiece and lower frequencies were used to heat the fat. The tunable nature of the Kontur MD device enables tailored treatments depending on the indication and treatment sites. This widens the applications from a skin tightening device to a device that could provide contouring through tightening and volume reduction.
Note: A reduction in intensity or treatment time over bony prominences is recommended. Two patients sustained minor burns over the chin and cheekbone following treatment at 1MHz with the medium handpiece.

Peter M. Prendergast MB MRCSI
President, European College of Aesthetic Medicine


“The new Multi Polar RF Kontur MD device uses a new energy diffusion concept called
DVTP (for Deep Volumetric Thermal Profile). We can assume that these quick changes of the frequencies, preset for exclusive use in treatment of the larger body areas with bigger fat deposits, are building a unique profile of penetration to the thermal energy which should safely go deeper down to target the adipose tissue layers more efficiently. ”



“Using the KONTUR MD, I consistently have noticed very good results in body-contouring treatments and skin rejuvenation and facial tightening as well as the firming and a significant slimming of the body. The KONTUR MD system is allowing for virtually unlimited freedom of choice of parameters to fit each individual patient and body area. The device unique RF system using 3 different frequencies, gave me the opportunity to achieve better results on different depths of tissue. This function is extremely useful in the fight against cellulite and excess fat tissue.

Marzena Lorkowska-Precht, MD
Anti-aging and aesthetic medicine Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Member of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine Member of the Association of Aesthetic Dermatology and the Polish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. 





  • One year warranty; Medical CE Mark.
  • LATEST, MOST INNOVATIVE, BEST CONTROLLED and SAFEST MultiPolar technology (tri and six-polar)
  • Four different handpieces with each system – 2 for BODY, and 2 for Face, neck and a unique one for peri-orbital WRINKLES!!
  • Three frequencies control depth of treatment and unique WAVING frequencies (automatic change for massaging effect)
  • Only system in the world with a changing polarities interval (better control over thermal penetration and depth of tissues – skin tightening AND body contouring, cellulite!!)
  • Smartest, most sophisticated software and menus (a smart Windows based laptop basically managing the system)
  • Huge color touch screen with graphics and videos
  • Free of charge software upgrades which are easily accomplished through USB drive or internet
  • System maintenance through internet or USB drive
  • FULL 1,000,000 records LIBRARY (training videos, animations, graphics and texts – like User Guide)
  • FULL 1,000,000 records capacity PATIENT DATABASE + FAVORITES (to keep preferred settings)
  • Trolley free of charge with EXPERT MODE



1. 100% Made in Germany
2. Newest and improved technology from CARISMED GmbH (see www.carismed.com)
3. 4 applicators exclusively designed for aesthetic procedures (Expert Mode)
4. Optionally – 2 fully adaptable, integrated handpieces (quick alternating applicator)
5. Using the unique LipoLissage technology – featuring in Expert Mode:
• 4 programs of Waving Frequencies (specific for certain body areas)
• 3 programs of Cycling Intensities
• special treatment algorithms for better outcomes
6. Best outcomes for cellulite, circumferential reduction and other aesthetic applications for improvement of body contouring
7. Best GUI (Graphical User Interface) in the industry
8. Automatic and Expert Modes
9. 2 years warranty
10. One of the most affordable on the market, price wise.


The new LipoLys, uses the Lipolissage technology which offers an improved, non-invasive, simple, painless and cost effective technique for the treatment of cellulite in women of all ages, skin types and colors.

The Lipolissage technology (LipoLys systems) allows us the capability of controlling and focusing the shockwaves only in the desired affected sub cutaneous fat and dermal layers, while sparing other tissues. The external probes deliver an acoustic shockwave through the skin which has been shown to reduce and/or breakdown fat cells. The waste is then eliminated via the dermal lymphatic system. In addition, it is known that the acoustic shockwave treatment stimulates fibroblasts, therefore improving the tissue healing, remodeling and elasticity of connective tissue.

Furthermore, it increases regeneration of micro circulation to tissues and enhance the local metabolism within the treated tissue improving its appearance and local health. In addition, significant improvement of skin tightening, elasticity and appearance is expected.


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